Restaurant Review – Jekyll and Hyde’s Sports Bar – Newnan, GA

Worst place ever! Jekyll and Hyde’s website dubs itself:  Grill, Spirits and Sports!

We decided to check out Jekyll and Hyde’s this evening as their website and menu looked interesting and had some different offerings than our regular hangouts.

Upon entering the establishment, we noticed a sign that said “No baseballs hat turned sideways (only front and back)”, plus a slew of other no-no’s.  No hoodies pulled over your head, etc.  The place is fairly decent-sized – about 10 pool tables, a bar, and booths and tables.  Televisions everywhere but no real sports selection on them — more like a redneck dive.

We were told to sit anywhere, so we found a booth and the waitress (who looked about 16 and was channeling the Hooters dress code — too short shorts) came over to take our order.  Nate asked her what the beers were and she replied “Our cheapest is Coors Light for $1.50.  He then asked her again what bottled beer they have, and she gave him a blank look and didn’t know.  He ended up getting a Guinness draught and I ordered a sweet iced tea.

15 minutes later she came back and asked for our order.  We ordered the Pro-Bowl appetizer (a sampler of Chicken Wings – special Whiskey BBQ sauce, Fried Mushrooms and Jalapeno Poppers).  She asked for our main order and I said I wanted the Fried Crawfish.  Her:  “Oops, sorry, we don’t carry that anymore”.  Well okay, hmm, will have to look at the menu again.  She disappears for quite some time.  When she finally comes back, she asks us if we still want the appetizer.  Um, hello, ya.  We should have rethought that decision.  As you can see, the appetizer was a heavily fried mess:

There was about 1/4th of an inch of breading on the poppers and mushrooms and the wings tasted like they were just dipped in high-fructose bbq sauce.

I ended up ordering just a burger.  The “Avery Park” burger – American Cheese, Jalapeno’d Bacon, Lettuce and French Fries.  It was probably one of the worst burgers I have ever had, only ate about 1/3rd of it.  I also had to swap out my iced tea for a Coke because the iced tea just tasted like sugar water.  When it came time to get the check, our waitress of course had disappeared yet again, and I had to go hunt her down.  I was gone from the table about 10 mins, of which I was standing there at the counter trying to get her attention since she was just gossiping with another waitress.

Overall, the service was crap, the atmosphere was really awful and the food is sitting in my stomach like a lead balloon.  A table near us almost walked out after sitting there 30 minutes with no service.  They were still sitting there when we left and they still hadn’t gotten their food.

Verdict:  Never setting foot in there again.   This place deserves no stars.