Lowest Common Denominator

“The phrase is used to describe the most basic, least sophisticated level of taste, sensibility, or opinion among a group of people. This is most often used in criticism of art, products or media thought to be aiming itself at such a group, the implied complaint usually being that the subject has been simplified to appeal to a wider audience (containing only factors popular or at least acceptable to everybody).”

That is the only explanation I can give to why there is so much crap on television, the radio, the news outlets.  When movies like Twilight rake in millions, where reality TV is the norm on television and where some major news outlets read like the National Inquirer.

I don’t care about American Idol, The Housewives of Some Random City, The Jersey Shore, etc.  These shows are stupid.  I am not interested in reading about Lindsey Lohan on CNN, or some other random “star” getting drunk, doing drugs, who they married, etc.

There is a serious dumbing down of Americans.  I think culture is dead.  I don’t think I am very sophisticated, but I am definitely not in the lowest common denominator category.