Bakery Review – Gigi’s Cupcakes – Peachtree City, GA

I was really excited to try the cupcakes at Gigi’s since I just absolutely love cupcakes.

I bought 4 cupcakes from them to try them out: Lemon Dream Supreme, Snickerdoodle, Sweet Potato Pie, Blueberry Lemonade.  I have to say, for $13/4 cupcakes – they really weren’t that good. A bit of a disappointment really.  The ratio of icing to cake is weird – coming close to 3 -3.5 inches of icing to about 2 inches of cake.  Below are the descriptions from their website and my thoughts.

Lemon Dream Supreme
Lemon cake with a lemon filling topped with lemon butter cream frosting and a candied lemon slice.

Cake was dense (bit too dense), the icing was massive and the candied lemon slice was those fruit wedges instead of a candied lemon slice.  I couldn’t even see or taste the lemon filling. Surprisingly this cupcake was not very lemony and way too sweet, with the ever-present grainy butter cream (ick).

Sweet Potato Pie
Sweet potato pie cake with bourbon cream cheese frosting, sprinkled with crystal sugar.

Nate ate this one.  He said “can’t taste the bourbon at all, cake was dry and overall “it sucked”.

The last two, we shared.

Cinnamon swirl cake with cookie dough frosting, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and topped with a snickerdoodle cookie.

Again, dry, dense un-moist cake, grainy and way too much cinnamon in the icing (could feel the texture of it on my tongue) and just overall ick.

Blueberry Lemonade
Lemon cake with a blueberry butter cream icing.

Couldn’t really taste any blueberry in the icing, lemon cake not very lemony.

Overall not very impressed and won’t be going back. I could probably make better.